The winner in each age category will have an awesome CandyRox gift basket delivered to their doorstep. Judging will be in three age categories:

1st: K-5;
2nd: 6-8th grade;
3rd: 9-12th grade

Once we receive all entries, we will post them online for all to see and be voted on by Scarsdale residents.

Contest Rules

  • Must be a Scarsdale resident
  • No parent help!
  • Enter as many flags as you like!

Important Details

  • The ratio of the artwork could be the same as New York State's flag - 1:2 - or not. Your choice.
  • Keeping the ratio above, your artwork can be of any size.
  • You can send the image in most any format: PDF, Word, JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, etc.
  • Your submitted image file must be named like this: "NAME, Age". For example, "Alfred Neuman, 13"

To Enter

  • Submit your artwork by April 30th - EXTENDED - just send it in as soon as you can!
  • Send an image of your art to
  • Include an explanation of what's in the flag, it's design, and so forth.
  • Contest winners announced on May 15th.

Any artwork submitted to ScarsdaleSecrets grants license for online reproduction by ScarsdaleSecrets, and further use in any promotional materials by ScarsdaleSecrets.

Our own kids are prohibited from entering the contest (sorry, Miles and Henry)

Last but not least, our son Miles has created a fun and very informative guide to making a good flag.

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